Aligning Ferret: Related Resources | Rajesh Naik
If your appetite for strategy definition and implementation, performance management systems, and related measurement and control, has been whetted by Aligning Ferret, or if you are already interested in exploring these further, here's a good set of starting resources. Books and papers Websites Books and Papers The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action--Kaplan, Robert S., and David P. Norton, Harvard Business School Press This seminal book explains the concept of the Balanced Scorecard, first described by Kaplan and Norton in a paper published in HBR in 1992. A Balanced Scorecard is a control approach wherein managers use data on key aspects to check the implementation of a top-level strategy, and to take action in time. This book describes the concepts, and provides specific approaches to define and use scorecards. It is a must-read for people implementing strategy. Read about the book / buy it: at Amazon (ebook and other formats) or Flipkart-India The Strategy