Aligning Ferret: Concepts and themes woven in the novel | Rajesh Naik
As Sunny shares six months of his efforts to align his company Ferret, you will see him and his colleagues struggle to grasp new concepts and apply them at work, while balancing other responsibilities. Live through the 'interesting times' with him, and sit back occasionally with your favorite beverage to mull over their options and actions, and whether you, too, face similar situations. Here are the main conceptual themes woven through this business novel and experienced by the reader as Sunny and others act to align Ferret to the expectations of its new owners. Using models and frameworks for organizational effectiveness: An organization can choose between several models and frameworks while defining its strategic directions and aligning itself for effectiveness. Explore alongside as Ferret evaluates frameworks like strategy maps, Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Malcolm Baldrige (MBNQA) and People CMM® (P CMM®) to define and implement its strategy. Establishing owner/ customer expectations