The Little Book of Cyber Scams – The UK Metropolitan Police | Qureshi
The UK Metropolitan Police have published the first Cyber Scams Book/eBook. The book has been elaborate to help UK businesses to act the necessary measures to protect the companies/personal information and customers against cyber criminals and Protect the data information from the hacker to reduce the risk being a victim. The book has been created by the Metropolitan Police Service FALCON (Fraud and Linked Crime Online) team and advised the issues such as cyber frauds cyber-enabled crime, various method of protecting your data and information in this THE LITTLE BOOK OF CYBER SCAMS A pdf copy of the book can be downloaded here. More info: What is at Risk? Your money, your reputation, your data, your intellectual property, your IT equipment and IT based services such as websites and payment systems are all at risk from cyber criminals. Data can take many forms and can include client details or personal information, payment information, product details and