The best way to setup Postfix/DKIM/SPF/DMARC on Ubuntu – Plesk onyx | Qureshi
Installation Guide: How to Setup Postfix/DKIM/SPF on Ubuntu with or without Plesk Onyx How to setup DKIM/SPF/DMARC in Ubuntu with Plesk Onyx How to setup SPF (Sender Policy Framework) How to setup DMARC and Benefits Generate a public and private key from OpenSSL (if require) How to install/setup dkim in cPanel Server Speedtest from command User unknown in virtual alias table Important Tools For DKIM Checker: Unlockertheinbox (Recommended) Dkimvalidator Mail Tester - (Easy to understand) DNS Tool LeafDNS - check MX record for correction. Unlocktheinbox - Decent result How to Setup Postfix/OpenDKIM on Ubuntu - version 12.x or later Intro and Benefits: DKIM is a tool and a method for email to secure, allowing a personal/Origisation email communication secure whilst recvicng/sending to different domains. Big benefit of that we are announcing to the internet world that we are secure and have better IP/Server reputation. DKIM used public key called' Cryptography to allow sender to