Use a Vimeo® video as background of your page | Pupunzi
We are more and more experiencing the use of background videos on web pages; They are visually capturing our attention giving more informations about the content of the website then a text or an image can do. There are two possible solution to add a video as background of a web page. The first is using a self hosted video and make the coding to display it as background; you can easily find some examples on the web by googling; here is one on Codepen: Fullscreen HTML5 Page Background Video. The other solution is tu use either Youtube or Vimeo as source for the video you want on your page. What are the advantages on using Youtube or Vimeo videos instead of a self hosted one? Well, both are the most powerful streaming platforms you can have and you'll never be able to configure your server the same way :-) ; using them you don't have to optimize the video yourself but they offers the right quality for each connection; you don't have to upload heavy files to your server and you can use