mb.YTPlayer 3.0 for Wordpress | Pupunzi
The next major release of the Wordpress mb.YTPlayer plug-in will have a surprise. For many years this plug-in has been distributed for free asking for a donation to the author (me) to sustain the development. This politic did not give the desired result; except for few sustainers that probably understand the work behind the development and the support, anyone did donate for it. I really believe that sharing our experience is the most fulfilling thing but I now understand that everything I did till now needs a recognition in economic terms. As anyone else I have to feed my children :-) So, what's going to change? The mb.YTPlayer plug-in for Wordpress is still free and you can download it and update it from the Wordpress plug-in repository as before; It will work for homepage or blog page background videos as usual except that it will have a water-mark on the bottom right side. The short-code generator used to inject the video on any other page will not work anymore with the free