Puppet Museum House/Hostel
Puppet Museum House Hostel i Kasha I a historical area of Kasha , just at the heart of the all-importa t visiti g sites a d asto ishi g buildi gs a d mo ume ts, Puppet Museum Hostel ca be fou d. Kasha ’s u ique “Puppet Museum Hostel” is a charmi g low-budget accommodatio , i a beautiful historical house, with a u ique collectio of cultural traditio s which i cludes a wide ra ge of traditio al puppets a d toys a d shows featuri g them. The house co sists of a beautiful courtyard which co ects all the spaces, five private rooms, two dormitories, two public bathrooms, a lou ge that provides a place for i teractio , a d the puppet a d toy museum itself with its cafe a d souve ir shop at the baseme t level a d a kitche . Tea is always ready for you, a d you ca spe d hours sitti g a d chatti g there, readi [...]