Call for papers: Stress biology and somatic disease | PSM Publishers | Nonprofit Scientific Publishing
Guest Editor: Dr. Ahed J Alkhatib Stress has great impacts on various organs including nervous system and other body organs and systems. Psychosocial factors play an important though variable role in the predisposition, precipitation, and clinical course of most human illness. The latest knowledge about various causes of stress and its neuro-cognitive and biological implications is important in medicine and public health. To present various points of view regarding stress biology and somatic diseases, we invite you and/or members of your research team to submit manuscript(s) for this special issue. We are seeking submissions of original research articles, methodology article, database article, software article, commentary articles, and invited review article. We would welcome direct submission of any original research you would like to be considered. Please submit directly to PSM Biological Research stating in your cover letter that you are targeting the 'Stress biology and somatic