Why the Atlanta Braves Lost at the Trading Deadline - Pro Sports Fandom
I was surprised with the way the trading deadline took shape for the Atlanta Braves. I expected the Braves to make more than just one trade around the July 31st deadline. There is still time to make a deal during the August waiver period and they have a few candidates that would fit that option as well. The 4 names I would have loved the Braves to trade at the deadline were Brandon Phillips, Jim Johnson, Matt Adams, and Kurt Suzuki. Lets start with the most obvious player to be traded in Brandon Phillips. He should have been traded for anything you could get for him. Weather that was a minor league single-a pitcher or a player to be name later there is no longer any need for him to be on the roster. He is having a good year batting .293 with 8hr and 38 RBI to go along with 9 SB. He is cheap, as the team would be on hook for only the remaining 1 million dollars left on his contract, since the Reds are paying the bulk of the contract. The Braves have plenty of options to handle the 2b and SS spots in Dansby [...]