Why MLB is to Blame for the Rays Fan Base - Pro Sports Fandom
For the record, I live in Atlanta. I am constantly tired of hearing about how bad the Atlanta fan base is being such a bandwagon-esque place (i.e. when the Atlanta teams are winning fans will show up and when they are not winning, the venues are empty-fact: all cities are like that). And being one who travels around the country to see MLB and NFL games (as well as college football & basketball games), I gain newfound respect for the fan bases, including fan bases of teams I don’t like (New Orleans, Carolina, Chicago-for my Detroit roots) and my disdain for those teams aren’t as high as they were before I went. One place I went to (twice) was in the Tampa Bay area to see the Rays play baseball at Tropicana Field. The Rays fan base is one of the most maligned fan bases in pro sports, let alone baseball. The attendance speaks for itself. There isn’t much of a following around in the area, let alone the nation. They play at Tropicana Field, which is from a baseball park standpoint a massive dump. With all this said, they MUST have the makings of a consistent 90-100 loss team [...]