Why Bryce Harper is Worth Every Penny For the Phillies - Pro Sports Fandom
When it was confirmed Bryce Harper agreed a 13 year, $334 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies overall, I wasn’t surprised by it (I had hoped he would have signed with the Giants or Dodgers, but seeing Washington vs. Philadelphia for a while will be very fun-and I still hate the Nationals for those who know me). I was a little taken aback when I saw the 13 year deal and the no opt-outs or fa full no-trade, but I have to applaud Bryce Harper (and his agent) for that because it shows that he is willing and is committed to the team. Now a buddy of mine thinks I have a pure disdain for the guy. Nah. I think Bryce overall has always been that one where people will give him whatever he wants and/or nobody told him “no” much because he was a great athlete. However, I don’t have an issue with the guy speaking his mind (though I may not agree with what he says) and he is at least trying to attract fans to the game. So getting off my high horse a bit here, in the Phillies case, I really like the Bryce Harper signing [...]