What We Learned From Combine Pressers. - Pro Sports Fandom
1. The Broncos certainly don’t sound like a team pursuing Kirk Cousins: Vance Joeseph said in his press conference the Broncos plans were to run the ball and play great defense. Now that sounds like coach speak to me but it also doesn’t sound like a coach enthralled with the notion of Kirk Cousins. It just sounds more and more likely that the Broncos will draft a QB and or shoot for a Case Keenum, Sam Bradford, or Tyrod Taylor. Asked about the QB landscape, Broncos coach Vance Joseph says: “In Denver, we want to play defense and run the ball.” Talked about finding a QB who fits that formula. — Chris Wesseling (@ChrisWesseling) February 28, 2018 2. The Browns will be drafting a QB: Hue Jackson said at his press conference that he is tired of trading down in the first round. I don’t blame him, the Browns sound like a team who will take a QB with either the number one or number four pick. Jackson will also be jumping in a lake this offseason as he promised if the browns didn’t win more than one game this year he would. Guess what, they didn’t. Are you tired [...]