The Obstructed AL East Preview - Pro Sports Fandom
The AL East has always been the Yankees/Red Sox division since the 5-team division realignment began in 1994. They are of course, the Evil Empires of baseball. Both are. Sorry Yankee and Red Sox fans, you both are. Accept it and move on. But for nearly a decade now, the other three teams, the Orioles, Blue Jays, and Rays have gotten into the mix as since 2008, only the Yankees and Red Sox have won 60% of the division titles, as opposed to winning the division 12 of 13 years from 1995-2007. But maybe we are back to the trend as the Yankees and Red Sox are going back to the great arms race of stockpiling stars and the Orioles, Rays, and Blue Jays fall back again as we somewhat saw in 2017. To me, the Red Sox and the Yankees are a cut above while the Rays seem to zero in on getting the farm for their (finally) new ballpark down the road while Baltimore and Toronto face serious questions on replenishing their farm and starting over. My outlooks are where I project the teams to finish in 2018. 1ST PLACE: BOSTON RED SOX 2017: 93-69 1st place [...]