The Mets Should Sell Before it is Too Late - Pro Sports Fandom
Another year, another disastrous Mets season looks to be happening. And it started so well too. Everything that could go right for the Mets in April went right. They were 17-9 in the NL East and fighting with their two of their big rivals the Phillies and Braves while the Nationals were scuffling. Since that point however New York has gone 11-25. So what happened? Or was it always in the cards even when the Mets were winning? And a lot of things can be blamed. Injuries can take its toll. But the Mets offense has not been there at all even when they had been winning. In their 14-2 win over San Diego on their last game in April, New York had two guys hitting over .260 on the team and that was Asdrubal Cabrera and Brandon Nimmo. The rest of the crew had been mess. Since then it has somehow gotten worse. A friend of mine and I had a debate whether or not the Mets would be competitive in 2018. He said yes but I said no. He had valid arguments such as the likes of Michael Conforto would take the next step of being an All-Star, [...]