The Good, Bad, and Ugly Egos In Sports  - Pro Sports Fandom
Welcome to the Good, the Bad, and The Ugly Egos of sports. In this weekly segment, we will give a good, bad and ugly ego of people in and around sports. A good ego is someone who knows that they’re a good player or person in sports, and has some fun with it, but without being obnoxious. A bad ego is someone who knows that they’re a great player or person in sports, but will occasionally will put their ego over their skill, and snap when they’re challenged or something doesn’t go their way. Lastly, an ugly ego is someone who thinks that they’re great, or is great, but their actions and words cloud their judgement or give them a negative persona. Feel free to comment, debate and discuss. The Good: P.K. Subban: P.K. Subban is one of the most underrated great people in sports today. He is considered to have a “good” ego for a few reasons. One reason is that while he knows that he is a professional athlete, he still makes time every game to have some fun and let loose a bit. Hockey broadcaster Mike Millbury and former NHL cult hero John Scott have publicly stated [...]