The 9th Inning: These Red Sox cannot be stopped and some interesting players of the week - Pro Sports Fandom
Welcome to the 9th Inning. This is a weekly column each Sunday evening on Pro Sports Fandom in which I roundup the week’s biggest happenings in the baseball realm. I give my personal thoughts on a few events as well as tell you what to look forward to in the following week. I also give out weekly awards for team of the week and player of the week. It’s basically a baseball podcast squeezed into an article that will happen every week. This is the second article of this column and I hope for some immense success with this column. If you’d like, be sure to share with your friends, social media, and family! I’d love my column to reach as big a global outreach as possible. Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? *Record for the week is in parentheses. Hot: The Boston Red Sox (4-1) The Oakland Athletics (5-1) The Atlanta Braves (5-1) The Philadelphia Phillies (5-1) Not: The New York Yankees (2-4) The Seattle Mariners (2-5) The Tampa Bay Rays (3-3) The Weekly Awards: The Team of the Week is the … The Boston Red Sox (4-1) There is no doubt in my mind, as a New York Yankees [...]