The 9th Inning: Are The Rays the most underrated team in baseball? - Pro Sports Fandom
Welcome to the 9th Inning. This is a weekly column every Sunday on Pro Sports Fandom in which I roundup the week’s biggest happenings in the baseball realm. I give my personal thoughts on a few events as well as tell you what to look forward to in the following week. I also give out weekly awards for team of the week and player of the week. It’s basically a baseball podcast squeezed into an article that will happen every week. I was unable to publish the column last Sunday due to a busy schedule but it returns today. This is the third article of this column and I hope for some immense success with it each week. If you’d like, be sure to share with your friends, social media, and family! I’d love my column to reach as big a global market as possible. Let’s dive right into it. The AL East is not over just yet Last week, if you would’ve asked me whether I thought the AL East was a locked up race yet, I would’ve said it’s close to it. It’s amazing how in one week of baseball, things can change in a heartbeat. The Red [...]