Tampa Bay Rays, why Archer should stay, and Colome should be sent away, the Longo trade was ok - Pro Sports Fandom
Let’s talk some Tampa Bay Rays baseball today, there are several things i want to address, the Longoria trade, should they deal Archer and Colome as well, is this team good enough to make a run, what does it need, and so on so forth, but before anything else, let me make a statement about this franchise. The Tampa Bay Rays joined the MLB in the late 90’s making their debut in the 98 season in their short history, they’ve made the postseason 4 times, including 2 division titles and an appearance in the Fall Classic, that might not seem much, but given all the circumstances it actually is a lot. You’ll be hard pressed to find a franchise in any of the other 4 major sports in the US more set up for failure, take this into consideration. Tampa was an expansion franchise in 97, by that time the salaries were increasing rapidly unlike when the first expansion teams were created, Tampa was a small market with little revenue to spend, unlike their expansion counterpart the Arizona Diamondbacks who hit the ground running with a brand new, much better ballpark, spending tons of money early, the Rays were inserted [...]