NFL Teams Whose Off seasons Have Left Something To Be Desired. - Pro Sports Fandom
The NFL offseason has reached it’s almost quiet point. So what is there to write about exactly, well we can write about teams who have done very little this off season thus far and need a big draft. One from each division, let’s fly. NFC East Nearly every team has done a good job at addressing needs in the free agency period. So I will just say this, the Giants need a QB to succeed Eli Manning, the Eagles seem to be set but could use another pass rusher because of Michael Bennett’s legal saga. Washington could use a high quality pass rusher and a reload in the secondary after losing Brashad Breeland to the Panthers. Dallas needs a corner. NFC North Another division in which all teams got a lot better in free agency. Green Bay however needs to improve the secondary in the draft. Mohamed Wilkerson is a nice addition but it doesn’t make a bad defense any better. NFC South Atlanta hasn’t done anything but lose targets on offense. The Falcons need some more offensive targets. Especially in an offense that struggled at points last year under Steve Sarkisian. NFC West Seattle certainly made [...]