NFL Honor Awards Prediction - Pro Sports Fandom
It’s almost that time again. The NFL regulsr season kicks off when the Kansas City Chiefs travel to Foxborough to face the defending Super Bowl champs, the New England Patriots. As fans, we always specualte in sports. Who is being dealt next? Who is going to win the Super Bowl? This article is no different. I will be predicting the 2017 NFL Honor awards. Feel free to comment or reply if you disagree. NFL MVP: Dak Prescott QB DAL This is kind of a dark horse pick. Obviously the 3 favorites (Brady, Rodgers, Carr) have to be in the discussion, but Dak’s rookie season is one that shouldn’t be ignored. With the O-Line in front of him, and Zeke running the ball anywhere and everywhere, I don’t see why Dak can’t turn in another magical season. RUNNER UP: Tom Brady QB NE Offensive Player of the Year: David Johnson RB ARI David Johnson is one special player. He is by far the best player on the Cardinals, and I’d go even as far to say he may be the best player in the NFC. Quarterback Carson Palmer has seen his better days go behind him under center. This is Johnson’s [...]