Neal Huntington is not the problem with the Pirates - Pro Sports Fandom
Contrary to popular belief, even if you do things the right way, it might not work. In baseball and sports in general, the reason for using correct objective methodology is to get the best chance of achieving the outcome sought, (winning). You could put a 12-year-old in there basing every decision on a coin flip and 1 out of 100 times he could build a championship team, it’s all about analyzing the percentages. What team best describes that? The Pittsburgh Pirates. Neal Huntington has done a superb job running this franchise, being handed a lousy ballclub that couldn’t reach .500 ball for its life, on a budget that makes Fred Wilpon look like the late Mike Ilitch. He has built a solid team, that right now it’s at a crossroads, retooling for the near future, sending away franchise icon Andrew McCutchen and former number 1 overall pick Gerrit Cole. Multiple people in the game, especially some scouts have come down hard on Pittsburgh for getting a light return on the Cole trade, mainly because Neal didn’t go for the flashy top prospect that the Yankees were offering. Note: There’s a reason why the Yankees have been quick to include Frazier in any trade talks and it’s not because they [...]