MLB The Show 18 Wishlist - Pro Sports Fandom
MLB the show 17 has given us some great graphics and content but it is still far from a perfect game. Below are some ways our team feels that could make MLB The Show 18 even better: Madden 18 – PS4 [Digital Code] Hitting Engine I think that this is the biggest gripe within the community. There seems to be a disconnect with San Diego Studios and the consumers on this topic. This year they introduced a new engine that would make the game “more realistic” with the way the ball travels off the bat. In older games, the bat was a flat surface so the ball would not curve or react like a real ball would. This year they made the ball hitting the bat a round surface so the balls can tail or curve like in a real game. I think that everyone has enjoyed this hitting engine but there are some problems. The biggest one is exit velocity off the bat. I have seen numerous occasions where a ball is perfectly timed with power hitters like Trout with exit velocities that barely reach the low 90’s. There are other occasions where a person will have a [...]