Jacksonville Jaguars Season Preview: Did 2017 Teach Us Nothing? The Jags Defense Can Carry Game Manager Bortles. - Pro Sports Fandom
The Jaguars in 2017 went above and beyond expectations. Let’s just take a moment and acknowledge one of the greatest turnarounds in the history of the NFL. This was a team that had three wins in 2016 and was one drive away from the Super bowl in 2017. That is one of the wildest stories in NFL history in my humble opinion. I will never forget the Jags 2017 season but it’s now time for them to step up to meet high expectations in 2018. The majority of football pundits hate Blake Bortles. Whether it be because of turnovers, a wonky throwing motion, or the fact he “just doesn’t act like an NFL starting QB”. This is all bogus because when you look at what he did in 2017 he wasn’t a train wreck, he was a game manager. He only threw 13 interceptions last year, a career low. That isn’t a lot. You know who else threw 13 interceptions? Kirk Cousins, Derek Carr, and Dak Prescott. Three up and coming fairly positively looked on QB’s had the same number of interceptions as Blake Bortles. Bortles is a top 20 QB, plain and simple, the hate for him is not [...]