It is Time to Blow up the Cavaliers' Roster - Pro Sports Fandom
Sorry Cleveland sports fans, the day you feared has finally come for a second time. LeBron James is now officially a Los Angeles Laker and has left the safety of his home state for the allure of Hollywood. As a result, a new era has begun for the Cavaliers. It is time for Dan Gilbert to press that big red button in his office and blow the team up to start rebuilding. LeBron did not leave an easy situation for the Cavs front office to deal with. Going into next year, Cleveland is paying five players who will be 30 years old or older by the start of next season. Four of these players are getting paid 14 or more million dollars, and only one of them was a significant contributor during the Cavaliers’ finals run. This results in a very tough situation that will likely require a series of deals in order to even begin what will be a massive rebuild. The first opportunity to shed salary that Cleveland should examine is trading Kevin Love. Love was acquired shortly after LeBron returned from Miami and was a solid contributor on all four finals teams. His production [...]