Isaac Bruce Misses the Pro Football Hall of Fame Again-Why? - Pro Sports Fandom
While baseball has been criticized and ridiculed by how their Hall of Fame process is (though I like the veterans committee selecting players who were wrongfully not voted in) and how writers and media people who vote them in have personal agendas, football has done it right. Well, for the most part. For another year Rams great wide receiver Isaac Bruce is on the outside looking in. How? How is it possible that when Bruce retired after the 2008 season he was top 5 all-time in most receiving stats? I don’t understand it myself (13th all-time in receptions, 5th all time in receiving yards-the other 4 are in the Hall or will be in the Hall, 12th all-time in receiving TD’s-the other 11 are in or will be in). One argument I’ve heard has been that Bruce was in a league that started to evolve the passing game where receivers could end up with well over 1,000 yards and 8 TD’s while not even seeing the Pro Bowl. Passing games spiked up when Bruce was in the NFL, I agree. However, in 1995-1996 when the league wasn’t that, Bruce kicked some butt when his quarterbacks were Chris Miller, Tony Banks, [...]