Instant Recap: Titans Shock the Chiefs in A Classic - Pro Sports Fandom
Titans Chiefs In what was supposed to be the worst playoff game of the weekend we got an all-time classic. The Chiefs came out in the first half and dominated. When I say dominated I mean dominated, nearly 4 times as many first downs in the first half for the Chiefs. In the second quarter the Chiefs lost tight end Travis Kelce to a helmet to helmet hit. There was no flag on the play because technically Kelce was making a football move but the hit still looked brutal. Kelce was physically shaken while standing up, stumbling into team mate’s arms. After that the Chiefs began to lose their rhythm. A team that had taken shots for their first three drives reverted to check downs and avoided running the ball. It was a coaching problem that paired with a shell shocked Alex Smith that allowed the Titans back into this game. Derick Henry was the star of this game, running for 156 yards and a touchdown. It only took a Demarco Murray knee injury for Mike Mularkey to run this offense properly. That in itself is cause to be fired but Mularkey saved his job with a win in this [...]