Fantasy Opportunity Breakdown: Carolina Panthers - Pro Sports Fandom
2019 Coaching Staff The Panthers finished a disappointing 7-9 last season, but don’t let the record fool you. After all, it’s rather difficult to win when your star QB spends half the season physically unable to throw the deep ball. The Carolina brass certainly was not dissuaded as it stayed the course with long-time head coach Ron Rivera. Norv Turner was also kept on as offensive coordinator as he managed to find reasonable success despite the handicapped QB. What to Expect The fascinating thing about the last three Panther offensive coordinators is that they all basically run the same offense. Sure there are some personal tweaks here and there, but Rob Chudzinski, Mike Shula, and Norv Turner all run an Air Coryell offense that features a power running game and deep shots down the field. After all, what else would you run with a cannon-armed QB who runs as well as any running back? Of course, the caveat of having a premier dual-threat QB is that he’s going to take a beating, which is precisely what sunk the Panthers’ season. After nine weeks, the Panthers were sitting pretty on a 6-2 record. In week 10, though, Newton took a shot to [...]