Fantasy Notes: That's My Take Again - Pro Sports Fandom
You won’t get very far in your fantasy draft unless you know what players to take and when to take them. I’ve completed a large number of drafts by now and like when I started, there is just so much information to take in and remember. Good thing for you I like to share a lot of useless knowledge that will only confuse and bewilder you, but hey at the very least it may give you some idea what you might expect from some of these players I will mention. To continue with my ongoing theme, here are the fantasy wide receivers. Fantasy Wide Receivers AJ Green In Cincinnati there is wide receiver AJ Green and in the Bengals passing there is only AJ Green. Yes, there are a couple of “other guys”, but Green is the only one I am targeting and he’s someone worth taking as early as the number 7 or 8 pick in fantasy drafts. Green only played in 10 games last season, but when he exited he as the No.4 fantasy wide receiver in 2016 with 66 receptions, 964 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns; he was on his way to a monster season. He’s back, [...]