Eight Bold Predictions for the Second Half of the NFL Season - Pro Sports Fandom
We are eight games nearly through the NFL season so what’s next for what has already been a crazy NFL season? Here are eight bold predictions for the second half of the NFL season. 1. The New York Jets will go 8-8 and be in the mix for a playoff spot in the beginning of December: The Jets are a frisky great team. They lack the ability to close games, which will hurt them long run and keep them out of the playoffs, but guess what they’re good enough to upset teams like the Chiefs, Raiders, Saints, Panthers and maybe even waltz into Foxboro in a meaningless game in week 17 and beat the Pats. Josh McCown isn’t a franchise QB but he’s making a case for why he could be a 2-3-year option in New York as the Jets rebuild around him and wait for a franchise QB. 2. The Steelers will give Le’veon Bell 400 touches: Yes, that’s crazy. Look at his touches thus far though he already has 169 touches this year. At this rate 400 touches isn’t that crazy. The Steelers can’t do that though, you drafted James Conner who has played well for a reason. [...]