Cursed Sports Cities in America: Cleveland - Pro Sports Fandom
You knew this one was coming. You just knew it. While the Cavaliers ended a city’s long-standing drought of a professional championship by being the kings of the basketball world in 2016, it really hasn’t negated all the pain and heartbreak over the years with the Cavs, Browns, and Indians. Worse, since the Cavaliers won it, we’ve seen more heartbreak in Cleveland and more bad luck with the Browns (1-31 in 2016 and 2017) and the Indians (blowing a 3-1 World Series lead in 2016 and then losing in the first round after being up 2-0 and having a 20-game winning streak earlier in the year and winning 100 games for the first time since 1995). So what gives that makes the teams in this town so cursed? It seems like every year when a Cleveland team is in the thick of it, they find a way to blow it apart. While you youngsters have probably always thought the Browns were putrid, the teams of the 80’s were most certainly not and had a few chances to find their way to the Super Bowl, but heartbreaking game after heartbreaking game took place and Cleveland fell apart. The Cavs, even before [...]