Chris Chastain's NFL Playoff Predictions and Analysis - Pro Sports Fandom
It’s that time of the year! PLAYOFFS. Such an exciting time of year. With that being said, It’s time to get into the predictions. Enjoy! WILD CARD WEEKEND: TENNESSEE TITANS AT KANSAS CITY CHIEFS To be completely honest, I don’t see a case where this game is very competitive. Tennessee’s strength is at their offensive line but you can make a case that this offensive line hasn’t even been a top 5 line. Expect Alex Smith to throw a couple touchdowns on this defense and the Chiefs to win by double digits CHIEFS 33, TITANS 20 ATLANTA FALCONS AT LOS ANGELES RAMS Sunday night we have the Atlanta Falcons going to LA to play the Rams. The match seems pretty good right? Well talent wise it is. Both of these offenses have a ton of talent and potential. But that’s only part of the game. You need to be coached well to have a chance and that’s the difference in this game. I don’t think the Atlanta Falcons have a good scheme offensively. Combine that with Matt Ryan not playing great this season and there you have it. An average offense. Then you look at the other side. The LA [...]