Big Question, Bold Predictions, And Bandwagons To Jump On For This NFL Season. - Pro Sports Fandom
We are about two weeks away from real football and I am so far behind on football writing it is insane. I want to ask some big questions, make bold predictions, and unveil some teams to jump on the bandwagon or get off the cliff. So I am rolling it all into one this year, five of each, a marathon of football knowledge if you will that will get you through to the opening week of the NFL Season. Then back up kick the preview, and what we learned columns plus a new weekly column Goal Line Stand, more on that Wednesday. Let’s fly! Page 2 Big Questions Page 3 Jump on the Bandwagon and get off the Cliff Bold Predictions 1. The Philadelphia Eagles miss the playoffs. Call it preseason bias, but I really do believe this team is in real danger of missing the playoffs. They look unfocused and confused in the preseason, there will be a Super Bowl hangover for Philly and that could truly derail there season as they have a grueling schedule. In a much tougher NFC East this year and with question marks at QB, Foles has not played well in the preseason and [...]