An opportunity to take full advantage of your flexibility, Milwaukee and Minnesota - Pro Sports Fandom
Flexibility is key. That’s a statement i am constantly making and especially in baseball, a sport where high-end talent goes nowhere unless it’s surrounded by a good supporting cast, Votto, Stanton, and Trout will agree to that, The importance of flexibility cannot be overstated, but the issue is, whenever you get it, the media and fans press you to give it up. Two very good examples are the Brewers and Twins. Both teams experienced success for the first time in a while, Minnesota made the playoffs as a wildcard, Milwaukee came within one game of a postseason berth. Now both fanbases are very optimistic about the future, looking at young talented rosters, light payrolls, opening up all sorts of possibilities There’s a fine line, these 2 teams must learn to walk it. This goes for every situation, always make a move that’s in the team’s best interest, don’t let circumstances dictate your actions, making a splashy sign, because your rival did, bad idea. Do not pull back on a trade nor free agent offer, because it will chip away at your flexibility, the entire point of having it is being able to use it to improve your ballclub in the future. But also don’t give [...]