Alabama vs. Georgia: the Frenemy Bowl - Pro Sports Fandom
Of course, unless you live in the Southeast, notably in Alabama and Georgia, pretty much the region will shut down. As a Georgia resident who is a Alabama fan, I’m seeing it firsthand. Governor Nathan Deal signed Monday as Georgia Day where all employees can wear red & black. And the place has never been more amped up for a football game even more than the Falcons in the Super Bowl last year. However, Georgia has a EXCELLENT share of Alabama fans (myself included) that also live & die with the Tide. If you’re outside the area, you’re rolling your eyes as we speak and you are already ready to click “back” on this page. After all you’re believing this is another SEC game that shouldn’t happen and these are two hated rivals going against each other…………again. Except…..well, it isn’t. In fact, one of the interesting oddities I have seen in college football for a very long time is the fact that Georgia and Alabama RARELY play each other in the regular season and for as good as both teams have been in the last 10 years, they have only seen each other once in the 2012 SEC Championship, a [...]