A Brief Love Letter to October - Pro Sports Fandom
Dear October I’ve written this ode before(you can find it HERE) but it deserves to be heard every year. After the crushing winter cold and ever unwavering summer scorch we are blessed with October. Temped breeze and hearthen sun provide a warm and comforting blanket for just 3 short weeks before the biting cold comes to ravage the fingers and toes. The tenth nigh of the year is the most rewarding to fans of Sports in this country as well. It is ideal temperature to be outside. To witness the pure adrenaline of the live sporting event the weather beckons the common man to the stadium. and as cited in my original piece the colors of the day and the way the sun hits the earth create a more competitive atmosphere. October is also the time all four national sports play at the same time. The MLB has its playoffs, which are really where baseball gets palatable for those like me not addicted to the sport. The NHL kicks off and for four brief weeks we are re introduced to the beauty and majestic power of the fastest game on earth. The NBA re starts and anticipation of what [...]