5 MLB bold predictions for 2018 - Pro Sports Fandom
With teams reloading for the 2018 season and with some teams obviously looking forward to seasons after the current one. We are starting to see what teams are the real deal, and which ones are the pretenders. But with spring training around the corner, here are 5 bold predictions for the upcoming 2018 season. 1. Dodgers will miss the playoffs The Dodgers are one of the favorite teams in the National League to reach the World Series. Going to back to back world series is not as easy as it sounds, especially playing in the NL west division where in 2017 three teams made the playoffs. Now that we saw Kershaw can produce in the playoffs, the added pressure once he gets back to October baseball will show. And I believe Dodgers will fall third behind the Rockies and Diamondbacks in the west 2. Aaron Judge will have more HRs than Stanton The big off-season move was Giancarlo Stanton going from Miami to New York. The potential lineup for the Yankees this season is scary. Having Aaron Judge and Stanton potentially go back to back is something opposing pitchers don’t wanna face. With Stanton hitting 59 HRs last season, most [...]