A Quick-Start Guide to Quit Procrastination | projectica
Have you ever wondered just why you couldn't get down to working on a task at all, let alone be timely about it? What if the problem isn't getting down to work - it's that you never seem to get "that thing" done? This guide is for anyone who needs a practical pep talk or analysis on how to get through a thorny procrastination problem. Identify which of four types of complex procrastination you're suffering from on any given project so you can better address the problem. If you need strategies - who doesn't? - there are a few games to play, too. The outcome: you value your work more highly, manage your energy and effort around a project, and stop falling so easily for distractions. This eBook is an abridged version of Quit Putting it Off! It's available at Amazon and in the Apple Books store. It's in ePub format for your e-reader, and here you can also download the PDF. Sign up to the mailing list and receive a coupon code to use here in the shop – making your purchase free! Alternatively, use the discount code to pre-order the unabridged version.