Three Top Essential Oils You Should Have in Your Home |
Nature has blessed us with a precious gift of essential oils. This volatile aromatic, naturally occurring compounds are extracted from the flowers, roots, stems, bark, seeds, and other parts of plants. Over the years, essential oils have been used in the cosmetic industry, food preparation, and in the health-care practices. Each essential oils has its distinct smell, color, volatility, and therapeutic function. Picking the best three essential oils out of the thousands is not an easy process. And these choices will make a perfect decision for your day-to-day use. So, the top three oils are 10 Top Uses of Frankincense Essential Oil Frankincense Essential Oil, also referred to as Olibanum, is a standard Essential Oil that has been used for thousands of many years for its astonishing healing properties. The oil is sourced from the Boswelliasacara or Boswelliacarterii tree that is grown in Somalia. So, below are some top uses of Frankincense Essential oil and why it was