BEAR - Postman Bear I need to send some parcels today so chose this book as a focus for the bear word. I love these stories. I’ve set up an invitation to read and mark make; my son will not nesseceraly do this but if he wants to it’s there. I’ve included the book, a lower case alphabet chart just to have letters to look at, envelopes, paper, crayons and stamps. Try to keep activities with a purpose, so if they want to send a letter (Father Christmas soon!) then walk to the post box or post office and send it. Swipe left to see all the words. Check out the rest of these amazing accounts. Oh and remember you can follow the so the ideas will pop into your feed. team: @mama.smith.to2 @entertaining_elsie @oursensorykids @mayasmoonplay @something.sensory @theconstantdaydreamer @mygirlsmake @brightbuttonschildminding @paulineandlouises @myteachermummyandme @play.with.pickles @littlemousesbookreviews @toddler_learning_through_play @acoldcupoftea @marty_messyplay_and_me @honeybeesactivities @mudpiesanddaffodils @nittynattynorah @hamsonearlyyears @about_us_and_4 @printplaylearn @mummylouwithlilyandwillowtoo - Free Teaching Resources - Print Play Learn
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