How Thoroughly are Plasma Donors Screened? | Invisible Illnesses & Primary Immune Deficiency (CVID)
Have you ever visited a Plasma collection facility? Have you heard the screaming ads on media of payments of up to $300 USD for 5 Plasma visits? I have been to a few local Plasma collection centers. As well, I am aware of the lack of consistent drug testing and thourough screening of donors. Patients need the IGg to survive. However the IGg is harvested from millions of donors that (mostly) have underlying addictions, diseases, and blood born contamination that can harm or kill us. A new study points to evidence that patients receiving IGg infusions via subcutaneous AKA SCIG routes are developing new allergies from the IGe in the final Infusion-ready product of Immunogobulins (IGg) derived from DONOR ALLERGIES.