7/25/17: MOTION TO PROCEED On Trumpcare Bill; Sight Unseen By Senate. NO Turning Back if this passes. Key Senators BULLIED for Votes | Invisible Illnesses & Primary Immune Deficiency (CVID)
UPDATED: ALL Republican Senators voted for the MOTION TO PROCEED on 07-25-17, with the Exception of Collins (Maine), and Murkowski (Alaska), both female. One cannot envision what this day has been like for me, sadly my child witnessed a gut wrenching break down. Do Something or Do Nothing. Every Soul in America will feel the ramifications of this vote for decades to come. My children witness my calls, letters, my fight, my vision, my teachings and knowledge to every one I see, and thousands that I don't. The fight for the right to receive medical care for every child, elder, disabled and poor person in this country. From my tears, to Gods ears.