Every Patient Needs to Know: Patient Privacy is Profit. The Red Flags of Betrayal | Invisible Illnesses & Primary Immune Deficiency (CVID)
Would you give a stranger your address? What about your Social Security Number? Probably not. Why are you giving away your Private Health Information? Chronically Ill patients are Cash in the bank. READ ON; Every patient with a chronic illness needs to know the dangers of volunteering your medical information. It's more than a bank account they steal, it's your life, literally. Identity thieves are not the only evil bunch that manipulate, destroy, and steal from you. There is a "white-collar" industry that profits trillions of $$ by preying on vulnerable patients. the Vertice (of the triangle) preys on the desperation of the chronically ill. The HIPPA protected records are gathered in a pre-meditated, manipulative and underhanded manner. Using human sociology and psychology weaknesses of the chronically ill. Gaining trust, and using tactics strategically calculated to engage the individual with a rare and terminal disease. They methodically extract the information- they only need one piece, but MANY patients offer more.Social media is their friend. Don't think they don't ADMINISTER and stalk groups! The same for ⬇️.