Vacation Themes Over Destinations – Start With Colorado | Priceless Getaway Travel and tour site
As the price of gas, hotels and eating out has increased, many people have been rethinking their vacations as staycations. Now instead of spending time at one spot for a week, it can be equally fun to complete a list or loop of destinations that are close enough to drive to, but may not require a week's worth of your hard-earned vacation time. Colorado is a perfect place to go to fulfill some of these theme-oriented destinations. When it comes to the Mile High state, most people think mountains. In the lower forty-eight states, Colorado ranks number one in peaks with an elevation above 14,000 feet. If you are an avid outdoor type, then consider a vacation that includes climbing all the Fourteeners. With over fifty of them in the state that should keep you pretty busy for a while, unless you get the whole summer to play. If you are looking for a less ambitious pursuit of fun, hiking may be just up your alley. And because of the mountains, one theme may be to hike to all the