Creating a Social Media Plan For Tourism Marketing | Priceless Getaway Travel and tour site
If you wanted to take a vacation, you wouldn't just hop in a car and go. You'd have a road map. If you were going to bake a Boston creme pie, you wouldn't just start mixing ingredients together. You'd have a recipe. Seeing a trend? Most successful ventures in life generally start with a plan. Unfortunately, most who decide to use social media for marketing tourism and travel forgo necessary goal-setting and strategy. This typically leads them to wonder what they are doing wrong on sites like Facebook and Twitter when they don't have as many followers or fans as they would desire. Having a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter doesn't "just happen" overnight. However, through the careful planning and interacting on these networks (and others), you can drive traffic to your destination. Here are a few steps to improve your social media presence. First thing's first: Set your goals. This is probably the most valuable takeaway from your plan. If you are aimlessly wandering into the world