Backpacking Guide to Cuba | Priceless Getaway Travel and tour site
Cuba is alleged to be a country at a crossroads; and with the recent rate of change travelers would be wise to visit the nation before its romanticized past becomes the stuff of memories. With an abundance of things to see and do, the country is a popular destination for budget travelers led by a sense of adventure. Sights Discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, the Caribbean island of Cuba enjoys an enchanting history now centered upon the life of famous revolutionary Che Guevera and the reign of Fidel Castro. Both the museum at Santa Clara and Havana's Museo de la Revolucion provide a background for those seeking to understand modern day Cuba. Situated nearby is the Granma cabin cruiser, in which Castro and Che nearly drowned in 1956. Elsewhere in Cuba, attractions include the cultural city of Santiago and the spectacular beauty of stalactites and stalagmites in the caves of Pinar del Rio. Havana's oldest fort is also a sight that should not be missed and simple pleasures such as