AR North America 4000 PSI Triplex Plunger Pump Review
Review of AR North America RSV4G40-PKG Triplex Plunger Pump for sale, which is best reviewed by users and makes piston pumps and allows to be used at higher pressures. RSV4G40-PKG Triplex Plunger Pump has RCV 3400rpm, D version 1-inch, with gas engine flange, item dimensions 11 x 10.5 x 13 inches, model number RSV4G40-PKG, Shipping weight 17.15 pounds, RSV4G40HDF40EZ - Pump, AR7365 - 3/8" M Nipple, AR7366 - 3/4" F Nut, AR7369 - inlet filter, THOSE-FIL - Detergent hose with filter, AL-QC3/8B - Quick Connect Coupler.