‘MoneyBall’ -The Memory Training Game for Competitive People
The motto of this app is Invest in Your Mind and we couldn’t agree more. MoneyBall is a brand-new memory-slash-brain-training app available to download on iOS and Android. With simple gameplay and competitive modes, it’s the ideal game for those who want to see how their memory skills hold up against other players. Unlike other brain training apps which can be overwhelming and complicated to grasp, MoneyBall's gameplay is streamlined and simple, yet it gets devilishly challenging. A pure test of your memory, the aim is to watch a sequence of symbols appear on screen, remember that sequence and repeat it exactly before the timer runs out. In addition to playing against the clock, you can play in real-time, head-to-head duels against other players or in tournament style matches. Each round gets more difficult as sequences become more complex, giving players of all skill levels a stimulating challenge. By beating the clock and other players, you’ll earn chips. The more chips you earn, the higher up the leaderboard you’ll go and the more bragging rights you’ll get. MoneyBall also features a handy direct messaging system so you can communicate with friends, organize head-to-head games or – even though this is not good sportsmanship – brag! If you’re looking for a fun game that’ll also help improve your memory and mental fitness (very useful), then check out MoneyBall on iOS and Android today.