‘Bank Foreclosure Millionaire’ Game Review
Available to download now on Google Play and iOS, Bank Foreclosure Millionaire is a new investing sim that throws you into the fast-paced, profit-fueled world of house flipping. Combining real-world strategies, advice and techniques with fun, educational gameplay, House Foreclosure Millionaire teaches you how to flip houses like the TV pros! Playing the role of an ambitious property investor, the goal of the game is to complete each stage and move up the ranks, mastering investing strategies such as wholesaling, rehabbing, being a landlord and buying notes from the bank at a discount. There is plenty of variety to keep you engaged and the game does a great job of keeping itself fun throughout. Bank Foreclosure Millionaire isn’t the most casual game and appeals to people with a real-world interest in property investing and game-based learning. With detailed, realistic gameplay you’ll find yourself negotiating real estate deals, analyzing deals and learning how to make a profit. If you get stuck, there are plenty of in-depth videos, PDFs and learning resources to digest. You’ll have to work to overcome problems as you would in real life – there are no easy hints in this game. There are plenty of awards and achievements to keep you motivated as you earn virtual cash through flipping houses in different situations. You can even take what you’ve learned and challenge your friends or family to a competition – see who can earn the money in the shortest amount of time! Bank Foreclosure Millionaire is the perfect game for those with an interest in investing and property. It has enough diversity to keep you entertained for hours, while at the same time teaching you valuable techniques and strategies you can take out in to the real world.