QuinnScape Releases Update to ‘Packing Pro’ with New Features
QuinnScape, best known for their various packing apps, has announced the release of Packing Pro version 12.1 that brings an important upgrade to improve current editing capabilities within the app. Thanks to the new update users can multi-select whole categories of items in the Master Catalog at once, rather than item by item as in previous versions. In addition the packing list and Master Catalog search now also finds matching text entered in the notes field of individual items. This is helpful for those who enter in extra information under an item for future reference. The last important note to version 12.1 is that a few iOS 10 bugs have been fixed, which is important. Currently Packing Pro is available on the App Store for $2.99 while the basic version, Packing (+TO DO!), will set you back $0.99.