Lords Mobile and Boostinsider: A Mix that Matches
Chaos, heroes, warriors, allies and enemies... the battle rages on for RPG players around the world! Dubbed as the ultimate winner for Google’s “Most Competitive Games of 2016”, IGG (I Got Games) has brought out another top notch game from their arsenal: Lords Mobile. With 20 million players from all sides of the planet, your strategic prowess will be tested to their limits. The game boasts of unique characters, stunning graphics and great game plays but you have to hear more of what makes this game absolutely awesome from your favorite influencer! That is because IGG has partnered with Boostinsider, an influencer marketing platform which has helped more than 300 brands, to overwhelm the streets of Times Square through the Nasdaq big screen. Streaming from the northwest corner of Time Square from December 29 to January 4, this Nasdaq campaign marks the official launch of this exciting partnership. With over 100,000 social media influencers, IGG has a strong faith that Boostinsider’s influencers can showcase Lords Mobile creatively through word of mouth to their 10 million social media followers and thereby can create impactful effects . I’m pretty psyched with this partnership so let’s watch out for what’s to come!